Shyft Versus K.H.D. present ‘Suspended in the Infinite Gabber Space’ Album

From SHM003 to SHM063, here comes a new bangin hard core album! It features four new tracks by Shyft, four by K.H.D., a remix of Shyft’s track ‘The Drop Out’ by K.H.D., a remix of K.H.D.’s new mega-tune ‘Tool of Evil’ by Shyft, and three collaborative tracks by the both of them. It also has a bonus ‘disk’ holding remastered versions of K.H.D.’s tracks ‘I Want the Truth’ (previously unreleased on Shyfted Minds), ‘What About Me?’, and ‘Sever Their Communications’, the last of which has also been reworked to include a deeper complexity. Click the image above for free down load, and watch the promo mash up below for a sample of what you’re waiting for.

Also, the new Shyfted Minds Internet home is now fully functional.  A couple of the artist bios need updating, but other than that it’s all in full effect.  Take a look around!

SHM003: Random Overload – It’s finally rereleased!

This one is melodic techno at its core, but over the years the techno rusted, and cracks and holes began to jeopardize its structure. Now it’s all cleaned up, the holes covered with patches of trance, breaks, dub step, future pop, you name it. It has been eight years, but this release has aged oh so well. Pick it up, if you want some thing simple yet wild and unexpected (click the cover image for free down load)!

Also, the site is still under construction, and the artist profiles you can see are still not official. The majority should be finished by tonight, and full completion can be expected to arrive by the end of the week.

There is a new Shyft Versus K.H.D. album in the works!

Shyfting Gears

A wonderful piece of literature was written to its last punctuation symbol today: Shyft Trakia-Vorga VahtiDahl’s latest full length science fiction/fantasy novel! Of course a first draft is far before a first publication, it is still time for celebration on this end of the Internet. More news to come as editing, art work, sound track and the like are finished. Shyfting from writing mode to editing and promotion modes!

K.H.D. is producing up a storm over here!

K.H.D. is at it again, and his musical colors grow brighter with every release. This time he slams us with four new nu-style tracks, plus- and this might be a first- a UK hard core tune featuring Shyft on vocals. We all knew that K.H.D. could provide some up beat melodies, but this time he’s gone straight in to the realm of happy hardcore. Yes, yes! All you can eat! Click image or visit discography section in the right column!

K.H.D. presents Old But Gold #2

Here is some thing we’ve been waiting to release for a while}=<))

K.H.D.’s Old But Gold #2

K.H.D. is at it again remastering his old classics, but this time for a full length (nearly eighty minute) album!  After the tracks Back To The Street, It’s Just Me, Kyathos, Mechanism Alpha, My Name, Raise Up Mofos!, See That Hard Shit, and his remix of Imil’s Renegade Master on the Old But Gold EP (click the link to get the EP), K.H.D. continues with Mad Men, Black Gabba, My Voice, Ready To Die, Sunburn In Ya Face, Some Say I’m Crazy, The Last Dimension, Brainstorm, The Plastic, Celebrate, My Real Power, Stomp That Beat, This Is My Style, Twisted, and You Sucker on this release.  Get the new album by clicking the image above or in the discography section in the right column.

And don’t forget to snatch up Shyfted Minds of Hard Core Volume I, if you haven’t yet!

Shyfted Minds of Hard Core Volume I: OUT NOW!

(Click image to down load, or visit the discography section)

01 Aardwolf – Angeli Morti Ouverture
02 Predaking Versus K.H.D. – Missing The Clown
03 PhydomiR – Amputated Spirit
04 K.H.D. – Erdling
05 Tilduh – They Just Want It Hard
06 Predaking – I Can’t Escape
07 Imil – Digital Weed Makes You Horny (Demon’s Breath Analogue Remix)
08 Shyft – The Drop Out
09 Skorpyd – No Changes
10 Mosphire – Ethereal Plague
11 K.H.D. – Sever Their Communications
12 Mikazki & Leviathan – Revenge
13 Johan Jello – Lucid Nightmares
14 1nsane – The Whole Universe
15 Aardwolf – Angeli Morti
16 O.P.B. – Don’t Fuck With Me

Hard Core Compilation Album Scheduled to Release Soon

The submission phase of the untitled SHM060 hard core compilation album is now closed.  Twenty two tracks were approved for the album, but sadly there is not enough room for all of them.  After the best tracks are selected from the approved batch of tracks for each of the fourteen artist that are involved, we should have an official track list.  We are waiting on one premaster, and if this is not received by Wednesday of this week, the track list will exclude it and be done.  Right now I have received premasters from [my self], K.H.D. (of course), Imil, Predaking, Johan Jello, Aardwolf, O.P.B., Phydomir, Mosphire, Tilduh, Scorpyd (A.K.A. Inflicted Rage, Pyroblast), 1nsane, and Crippled.  Hopefully mastering and cover art will be finished this week, and we can get this thing rolled out!

Untitled SHM060 Hardcore/Gabber Compilation Album

This month we’re doing a hardcore/gabber compilation album here at Shyfted Minds. A few tracks have already been chosen, but there is still plenty of space for more! Any one interested in submitting a track or two should contact me, Shyft, by email at or on Facebook here via private message.  We usually listen to melodic nu-style gabber, but dark core, industrial hard core, happy gabber, and Rotterdam are all acceptable, too (please no ‘extreme’ cores such as speed core, terror, or break core), as long as it is completely original work (hip hop vocals and spoken word samples are okay).

Show us what you got.  Tell your friends.  This shall be the first Shyfted Minds compilation!

Presenting K.H.D.’s first full length album: Life Influences.

What started as a five track EP just kept on getting longer, and for a good cause! This album is host to twelve monstrosities of melody and drum. You want it, and it wants you. Click image or see the discography section on the right column for free HQ down load.

Also, here’s a little some thing on the side (well, it was a ton of work, but you know). It’s been getting some flak from the die hard fans with no respect to experimentation and electronic music elements, but such is to be expected. Tradition won’t last for ever!

DJ Istapp’s first solo release: SHM058

Nicey nice. We’ve been busy here at Shyfted Minds this week, and there’s a chance of two more releases going in to their final stages this week’s end! If you’ve been searching for some thing new and different in hard core electronic music, hard dance, or what ever you want to call it, search no farther (at least, you know, for now). DJ Istapp’s Twisted Origin EP is truly musical and melodic, but is by no means mainstream. You won’t expect to hear any DMX voice samples or cheesy pop lyrics. This is expression out of line, a style quite unforgettable! Click the image above or enter the discography section along the right to make it yours!*


*There is no implication of invitation to claim ownership of copyright, authorship, or the unforgettable style thereof.