Future Literature Listing

Holy crap, we haven’t updated this page in a long time. There is no Time is all finished! It’s a trilogy! My writing style has changed tremendously! ‘I Still Dunno’ has a real title now! The Prisoner of Domiavada and Scraps of Patches and Clockwork are also finished! Shopping for literary agents begins… eventually! Consider this page under construction.

As you can see below, I have a lot of ideas for unfinished stories.  I hope that I get them all done some day.  Every thing that I have and am to write takes place in the same fictional Universe, at one point bearing our Earth and its solar system.  Shyfted Dreaming and other stories that involve Earth are just a very small part of the big picture, though.  The plan so far has been to tell stories that are in at least some way connected with each other (aside from existing in the same Universe), like containing a cross over of a character, event, or piece of scenery.  The connections might be subtle, but so far I think that they will always be there so that no story is truly isolated.  Here is what I have been working on so far:

There is no TimeThis is my current focus, and has been for the past two years. As of the above date, I have finished three hundred and nineteen pages. This is a story that directly follows the final events of Shyfted Dreaming, though it centers around four new characters.  They are four young adults, two males and two females, whose home lies on one of the worlds that VizilV created for her amusement.  The four characters come from different social classes in a great city burdened by a ruling class that answered directly to VizilV as though she was their savior.  Her cruelty as a god showed in them, and the people of the city rebelled.  This is where the story begins, as the four heroes move on to the field of battle to support the cause.  The battle is won, but results in a terrible disaster.  Learning from the records of the fallen tyrannical ruling class that there is a chance of reversing the horrible event, the four heroes volunteer to pursue the finding.  When they discover how to jump out of their sequence of events and in to other moments- old times, alternate realities, and dreams the severity of their problems snow balls.  They do not know how to control their new found power, they do not know how to get back to their true present moment, and there is a deadly enemy following their every move.

The story is told by my character to a group of children after it has happened.  In this story the specifics of how the fabric of my fictional Universe works are unveiled.  All of the possibilities put in to perspective at the end of Shyfted Dreaming: Electric Blue are put in to practice.  Shit gets crazy.

I Still Dunno – I do not plan to keep the working title.  The original text files for Shyfted Dreaming were titled ‘I Dunno’ before I had come up with a real title, and, since this story I started right after Shyfted Dreaming was complete, I decided to continue the tradition.  This tells the story of Waelster,  an ex soldier of a big city in a medieval world.  When a new ruler came to power and decided to enter the city’s armed forces in to a world war, Waelster and his best friend Shailese defected and skipped town to find their fortune on their own.  The tale begins to unfold with the two travelers parting ways after being unable to decide where their adventure should lead them first.  Waelster wanted to see the ocean, and Shailese wanted to chase a rumor in the opposite direction.  We follow Waelster to the west, and after coming out of a thick forest he stumbles upon a small town that he had never heard of.  After passing through fields worked, quite oddly, by men in full metal armor,  he enters the town and then the inn just across from the main gate, and the people in there seem surprised to see him.  Stranger still, the keeper refuses to take his money, appearing to be afraid to do so.  Waelster dines and boards for free, falling asleep comfortably and not thinking too much of any of it.  When he steps beyond the gate the next morning, the armored farm hands block his path and will not let him leave.  Try as he might, Waelster is unable to get past them or get an explanation out of them.  The town’s people are more willing to disclose some answers, but they will have Waelster believing that the armor in the fields is empty, and that they plates of metal, their selves, are keeping him captive.  Waelster finds his self bound against his will to the terrible fate of the town, an eerie place fraught with dark mysteries and unexplainable horrors.  If Waelster does as he is told and remains in the protected part of town, he will remain safe, but if he wants to ever escape, he will have to face the blood thirsty monsters that walk in the dead sectors of town, brave living booby traps, and find a way in to the castle at the town’s core to find some real answers.

I guess that this would be a sort of medieval horror.  It’s a single mortal man with just his wits, sword, and a pair of revolvers against a motley horde of grotesque creatures that tend to go against normal physical rules.

Scraps of Patches and Clockwork – This work dictates the lives of seven young people on a technologically advanced world who, thanks to coincidence, all meet and discover that they share a trait that people don’t usually get excited to find in their peers- they are all burdened by severe psychological disorders.  These unlikely friends bond over their mental problems and try to help each other cope, but madness is no cure for abnormalities of the consciousness, and the seven friends begin to lose their selves to their pool of it.  The best thing that ever happened to them, meeting each other, may also be the worst, but, as we so often must ask our selves in life, which is the greater sacrifice?

This is an interesting piece because only the characters, their selves, are mentioned in the writing.  Never is their environment described, only clued at by the characters’ actions and words.  When Alice sits in a chair, she simply ‘sits’.  When Tricia eats a piece of fruit, the movement of her jaws may be noted.  The scenery is left completely up to the imagination of the reader.  I decided to take this one this way to symbolize my emphasis on characters and their internal development over other aspects of story telling.

We’re His – This entire story’s out line is based on a dream that I once had.  It is told from the perspective of two split personalities of an underdeveloped, murderous mind.  I imagine that it shall be the home to a good deal of black comedy, since the two characters are bound to a monstrous killer for so long that they have grown numb to his actions.  They are no thing like him, sporting a much greater level of intelligence, compassion, and stability.  They are aware of their situation, that they are illusions that only their bloody killer of a host can observe and interact with.  They can some times take control of his body, but are only aware that they are doing so by cues set by out side forces- for example, other real people addressing them.  Despite the two splits’ miserable existences, they do value their metaphysical lives, and they feel obligated to help their deranged host survive and avoid the authorities.

Anomaly – If Universe is a subconscious mind, this story shows what her nightmares are like.  This is an other one that I dreamed- and in two parts.  It tells the story of a man caught at the core of a terrible anomaly that changes the once static and undeniable  rules of his simple world.  He can’t trust gravity any more.  Organic and inorganic matter begin to change roles.  One flame may sear the flesh; an other may heal that very same wound.  The new rules could change again at any time; no thing can be trusted or predicted; the world is in complete chaos.  All things done can be undone, though, and the man is hell bent on returning to the source of the anomaly and finding out how to change things back to the way that they were.

Bodies, Money, and Blasters – An other one that I dreamed from beginning to end.  This one is told by a man named Mickey who lives in a very normal world, but with a very abnormal ability.  He has discovered that he has the strange ability to teleport human beings, money, and fire arms from place to place.  This ability is unstable and hard to control, though, unless the subject is replaced by an other, whether a person be swapped with an other or a stack of bills, a one cent piece with a man or a magnum, or an M4A1 with a nice Colt 1911 or a credit card.  Not only that, but he can control the minds of some people and puppet them around like remote controlled toys.  Now, Mickey response to the discovery of his blessing like any of us would- he starts robbing the fuck out of every body.  He has over time manipulated in to assembly a team of oddities to assist in his robberies, and the story is told in reflection, like I said, by Mickey to the authorities in his confession after being caught.  Mickey is one of those clever low lifes who is not quite a genius and not quite foolish scum.  He brain washed his comrades, but he truthfully cares for them, as well.  He struggles to understand his powers, never so bold as to claim that he understands his situation.  He does claim to be a simple man, and admits that his abuse of his power is no way for a civilized man to go about with such a gift, but he honestly does not care.

Fade – Fade was the greatest force in Universe, destroyed millions of events ago according to Shyfted Dreaming.  Here I will tell his second story, after his victory over Universe’s consciousness and self destruction.  He wiped space and started anew, leaving his empty mind as the only life left.  The concept of the story can easily be summed up in its introduction:

‘In the beginning there was only darkness, and that darkness is called ‘Fade’.  Fade: the eternal darkness created the world in his anti-image, a monument to for ever mark contrast to his greatness.  Out of the world it created mortals, weaklings, sickly creatures.  It created our ancestors to be slaves to its dark will, to continue the life of mortality and to build more imperfect things to greater fuel the purpose of the world.  Fade created the mortals to be blind to the darkness, unable to grasp its perfect nature, leaving mortals to create light in order to see the world.  Fade created the Fadith: a land connecting it to the world that destroys light.  As a ritual of its terrible greatness, every thousand generations Fade sends to the world great warriors by means of the Fadith.  On the world, these great warriors train for the battle.  Their purpose is to challenge the great darkness… and lose- a ritual of ultimate proof that Fade is in deed eternal and all powerful.  These Jagziur fight bravely and with great might, but every thousand generations they fall to the might of Fade, proving it to be undying and unstoppable.  This generation is one of those chosen generations.  One thousand generations ago the last Jagziur were felled by the hand of the darkness- this generation may be no different…  But what if the cycle is broken?  What if, like all other things, there is an end to Fade as well in the future?  May there be light beyond the darkness?  May the Jagziur this generation pierce the darkness and bring forth an eternal shining light?  May darkness reign eternal…?’

Shyfted Wake – This story is planned to bring a more final end to my character’s story.  It shall take place millions of events after the last scene in Shyfted Dreaming: Electric Blue.  I have a great deal of details out lined, but I think that it would be best to keep this one mostly to my self until I begin to really write it.

Shambles of Earth Trilogy – These stories are intended to show the course that Earth takes after Shyfted Dreaming and before Shyfted Wake.  Magic disappears from Earth with the burnt users, and once again is ruled by pathetic, powerless humans.  Their technology increases; they battle alien cyborgs.  Their technology increases; they fight among each other.  Their technology increases; they fight their technology.

Clan Wars – This is a collection of stories that I was writing before Shyfted Dreaming that I never finished, and thank science for that- they were being written by a preteen.  I like where they were going, though, so I may rewrite what I have and continue them.  Each of four books (or per haps they will be finished as four large sections of one book) tells the story of the same conflict from the perspective of four different individuals of different races and on different sides.  Right now it sits in an unbelievable fairly classic fantasy environment, but I might change that up.