Philopsycho Lawlawlawl

Philopsycho Lawlawlawl is a one man avant-garde side project of gabber producer Shyft formed in the United States in the year 2009. The project is very vocal heavy, focusing on their layering and effects. A very broad range of vocal styles fitted with strange effects makes for a wild, insanity inducing experience. Unlike Red Ankh, his progressive metal project, the instrument arsenal is kept to a minimum to leave room for the vocal tracks. The first album just has two synths, a distorted bass guitar functioning as a rhythm guitar, a crunchy, distorted, digital bass drum, and other drums.

The first word of the name stands for philosophy and psychosis; the second word is an exaggeration of ‘lol’, representing stupidity and silliness. This reflects the lyrics and over all mood of the project.

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