Remember three years ago when Shyft was gonna publish a fourth book? Of course you don’t! Well, it was intended to be my summer project then. Then a thing happened and I was overcome with sadness. Almost a year later I had recovered, and an other summer was upon me. Then a thing happened and I was overcome with sadness. Almost a year later I had recovered from that too, and an other summer was upon me. But I had gotten a real person job, and it was stressing me the hell out, and I was just generally overwhelmed with trying to be a real person adult. But during those years I did manage to get the book edited a third time and get most of the formatting for the print book, including the cover art and the sound track, finished! And now, well, now it is ALL FINISHED.

BEHOLD! The first three books are complete stream of consciousness in a world of dreams, and begin as the stream of consciousness of a United States of American teenager growing up in the early two thousands. Doesn’t get any more messy than that. Right? That coupled with the heavy dose of metaphysical philosophy makes for a challenging read, so I didn’t blame readers who found the beautiful supporting characters or their compelling conflicts to be unapproachable. That’s part of why I love the thing, to be honest, but this one is different! Metaphysics takes a back seat to ethics! The story is told by a clear and concise third-person narrator! No wading through pages upon pages of inner monologue! The world is much more concrete also, with more familiar limitations on physics. This is a conflict between a god, his nobles, and the mortals below, but the real battle occurs between justice and compassion, with all players being on a side of right with a different banner. You wanna know what the cool part is? I didn’t even realize that duality while I was writing the damned thing!

Any way, check it out by clicking the book image above or here.

K.H.D. writes video game inspired album

K.H.D. has finished a thirty-six minute album composed as if it were an original sound track to a video game. The work is called ‘Soonjite’ and it is now released here on Shyfted Minds! It is definitely different from his hard core music, but the same technical production and melodious intent can be heard. Snatch it up by clicking on the image above!

I, Shyft, have been spending most of my free time editing my new science fiction/fantasy novel, so far simply titled “O”. It is in the final editing phase now, and then comes promotion and publishing. The book and it’s accompanying sound track, which is comprised of forty songs inspired by scenes and characters from the book, should be finished by the end of the summer.

Also Dustrict is working on a new collaboration release with a new artist, and Predaking is writing a new EP.

Shyfting Gears

A wonderful piece of literature was written to its last punctuation symbol today: Shyft Trakia-Vorga VahtiDahl’s latest full length science fiction/fantasy novel! Of course a first draft is far before a first publication, it is still time for celebration on this end of the Internet. More news to come as editing, art work, sound track and the like are finished. Shyfting from writing mode to editing and promotion modes!