SHM100… and stuff

As some one who pays attention to this place may have noticed, the last music release out of this obscure, little pocket of the Net was numbered ninety-nine; we wanted to do some thing a little special, kinda cap-stony to seal off the parent label, so the core members of Shyfted Minds are remixing some of each other’s tunes for a new EP.  Then- then!- shall come a second genre-specific sub label to keep things more organized: Shyfted Minds of Hard Core, which will exist for gabber, industrial hard core, break core, cross breed, ‘art core’, all of that stuff- so most of what the parent was birthing any way.  A technicality, really.  But it’s a thing!  A thing that is to happen!

…Yes, yes.  Shyft having a real person job and books to write has shown via neglect of the record label.  So it goes.  Figurative leprosy or no, Shyfted Minds will never die!  …Until those individual minds do, I suppose.


The short version: WOAH CHECK THIS OOOOUT!

The long version: I talk about money some times.  Yeah, yeah.  Do art for the love of art.  Well, it’s kind of hard to work to fulfill your dream all of the time when you’re spending half of your life working to fulfill some one else’s, and half of the rest of your time recovering from doing so, with the other regular responsibilities of living to boot.  In other words, working for some one else to make money to live really puts a damper on artistic endeavors.  But most artists have to live this way, so why do I deserve to live off of my art?  Well, I guess that I don’t, but it sure would be nice.  And, hey, I don’t think that I’m a special case.  All complicated art is work, and I think that all artists should be able to live off of their work.  If you agree, you should check out Patreon.  It’s a web site that is similar to Kickstarter, but it’s not about kick-starting any specific project.  It’s a place where people can set up recurring donations with the idea that artists can get regular income and be regularly inspired to produce new material.  Patrons can donate as little as one dollar per month, and in return get exclusive access to what ever the artist lists as recurring rewards.  It encourages a more personal exchange between artists and fans also, which I find lacking in today’s society.  So check it out, and, please, if you delight in the idea of Shyft being able to write books and music for a living, contribute what you can here.  It’s not just for me and the fans of my work, but for Shyfted Minds as a record label and the other artists on here, for future artists of SHM, as promotion and producing all of the releases all takes time and money that I rarely can afford.

Even longer: school’s over and I have a degree, but it’s a BS degree that’s kinda intended for use with a doctorate that I don’t have.  What I do have, that came as an added bonus to my degree, is a load of debt to the government.  Hey.  I couldn’t get a job at the time, so loan-funded school/living expenses was my only option.  In order to make minimum payments and still be financially secure, I need to get a pretty well-paying job… or work more than one full time job.  This comes down to actually landing some thing with my degree, being over-stressed by the service industry, and/or never having time for art and hating my self.  Yes, I’d probably feel fulfilling for me to work as a research associate or a low-end counselor, and I live in an area with a decent job market, but it’s not what I want my energy put toward.  Getting a stable income of, say, five hundred dollars per month for my art would make a huge difference.  I could work some mindless full time job where I’m able to exercise my body and listen to music, and not be very mentally fatigued by the time that I get home every day- I could still regularly work on stories and music.

Yes.  The life of an artist is a struggle.  Does it ought to be a struggle?  I understand that there are plenty of people out there who are dysfunctional without good art in their lives, and they are also quite poor, and I would rather they get the art that helps them for free.  I also understand that there is already plenty of art available from people far richer than I and more motivated, more willing to sacrifice than I am, but that doesn’t mean that artists like my self should die off.  Good art is some thing that the world can’t get enough of, just as it can’t get enough well-educated pioneers of thought (there’s a similarly shameful problem with the education system in this country).  I fancy the idea of making a living off of my art so that I can love my job, so that I can fully embrace my true identity, and so that, some day, I might be able to vigorously patronize many other great yet struggling artists out there.

A taste of things to come

Presenting Shyft’s Synthetic Experiments Volume 1, the first step in a new direction. With less free time, a dedication to release schedule, and greater motivation to experiment with production techniques and general style, this is his answer to the pressures of the now. Synthetic Experiments is expected to be a series of short EPs, two to four tracks each, that will be used to express a new branch in genre-blending and dance-music-defying arrangement in hard core. Some expressions may come off subtly, others will be striking and wild, others may seem downright silly. How can you expect complete seriousness and savagery from the king of clown core (no, not clown break core)?  At any rate, this first release is dark and technical.  You can click the image above or here to get your grabby hands on it and read more about the idea behind its two songs.

Paired with this news is the fact that Shyfted Minds has entered in to contract with Label Worx in order to distribute for sale on popular digital channels such as Beatport and Spotify (iTunes is having unspecified issues.  Hooray!).  The majority of SHM releases will still be released for free, how ever, and any artists previously releasing high definition stuff on Bandcamp will continue to do so even if they are also for sale elsewhere (psst, and they’ll go for cheaper on Bandcamp too).  Money is appreciated, but seeking out connections to places such as Beatport and Spotify are valued even more so for exposure purposes.  Viral marketing is cool and all, but at the end of the day we’re just a bunch of punk kids led by one dude’s professional motivation.

Any who, I recommend you wreck your speakers with my new War Machine track now *points back up to the new release links*

Red Ankh Shadow now available

Red Ankh’s new dark symphonic metal album is now available for down load on Bandcamp! Get your ears ready for aggressive guitars and drums, melodic piano and viola, and harsh vocals. Yes. There is a progressive gabber metal track. Yes. There is a twenty-three minute metal epic. No. It is not exclusively harsh vocals, but they are dominant this time. Be warned: it goes full on black metal at times. Both parts will be available soon on physical compact disk through Amazon; a new update will be posted when that is so- give it a week or two. In the mean time, you can still get Red Ankh’s Gray part 001 and Gray part 002 on physical CD.

Johan Jello’s first release on Shyfted Minds

Johan Jello’s first release, Augmentation EP, is now available on Shyfted Minds Records! This two track EP features just the kind of atypical hard core sound that Shyfted Minds strives to make available against the expected mainstyle, dark core, and cross breed. Click the image above to down load it for free!

In other news, Red Ankh‘s new double album with an orientation of darkness and symphonic composition is approaching completion, taking inspiration from acts like Dimmu Borgir, old Tristania and Sirenia, but still with moments of the typical uplifting Red Ankh sound.  Predaking is working on a new four track release under his Divebomb alias, and K.H.D. is of course pumping out new tracks to be connected in a release sooner or later.

How awful how artists must live the regular lives of real people!  Activity here at Shyfted Minds has been slow to stagnant lately, as many of us have been putting more time in to our other responsibilities.  As owner, Shyft takes the blame, as he has been rather… troubled, let us say.  On top of that, the need for a new job and possibly switching academic paths has been taking priority over music, but we have no intention of quitting!  Things are slowly working toward stability once again, and you can expect new great things from this organization beyond that point.

K.H.D. and Dustrict release split EP

We have all been rather busy with our regular lives here at Shyfted Minds lately, but K.H.D. and Dustrict managed to pump out this two original, two remix track EP for your listening pleasure! Click the image above to stream and acquire it in your choice of digital audio format.

Shyft is struggling to find the time and patience to tweak the mix of and master Predaking’s new album. I’d wager this week or the first week of next month will mark it’s completion, but time keeps slipping away lately. There is still Johan Jello’s new EP to master and release as well!

In other news, physical merchandise such as shirts, stickers, and select physical CDs should be available soon through the Shyfted Minds website. If you’re clever and determined, you should already be able to find them on your own!

At long last, Shyft releases a new hardcore/gabber full-length album

Huzzah! A new half darkcore and crossbreed/half nu-style album (above promo mix courtesy of K.H.D..  Shyft feels so accomplished, finally back on track. Get your copies and/or stream the full album here and be sure to read the album description!  Again, I’m asking for a few dollars for this one on Bandcamp, and, if you think it’s worth more, please modify payment to suit.  The title track is available for free (no minimum)!

Shyfted Minds is hosted on a registered domain now, which costs money, and, if my work isn’t valued in this way for much longer, I won’t be able to justify pouring so many hours of the day in to it any longer- which is sad!  But alas, adult humans gotta feed their selves.  Asking for help is difficult for me, and asking for money makes me feel like kind of an ass hole.  If you agree, look the release up on The Pirate Bay or in a couple of days or so.