For all questions, concerns, and comments that you want to go straight to me, please email  Report an error within the site and get a cookie!

I, Shyft, enjoy collaborating on tracks; I can per haps help you get in touch with others that I work with; I am pretty good at solving problems, though I am probably not interested in yours.

Shyfted Minds Records is accepting demos/submissions for review in all things electronic hard core (gabber, crossbreed, dark core, et cetera), but we like all sorts of music, and so some rare acts in very different genres will be signed.  Shyft personally reviews every submission received.  Send Soundcloud, Zippyshare, Bandcamp, or other demo links to with the subject line ‘SHYFTED MINDS DEMO’.

The Shyfted Minds forum is pretty damned dead, but if you want to try to breathe some life in to it, your account will have to be approved by me first.  Please contact me via email, supply me with your name, how you came across this contact page, and your reason for wanting to join the forum (it does not have to be any thing too profound).