“O” for free!

Hey!  Hi!  Shyft here, but you probably knew that.  I just wanted every body to know that through Sunday the Kindle version of my epic fantasy novel “O” is free, and I’ve also signed up for Noisetrade’s free ebook program.  You can get it at Noisetrade in PDF format, for those of you who enjoy digital reading but do not own a Kindle.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, yes, I’m more than just a heavy dance music composer, and check it out here.  The old school RPG inspired sound track is still free too!  That is all.


The short version: WOAH CHECK THIS OOOOUT!

The long version: I talk about money some times.  Yeah, yeah.  Do art for the love of art.  Well, it’s kind of hard to work to fulfill your dream all of the time when you’re spending half of your life working to fulfill some one else’s, and half of the rest of your time recovering from doing so, with the other regular responsibilities of living to boot.  In other words, working for some one else to make money to live really puts a damper on artistic endeavors.  But most artists have to live this way, so why do I deserve to live off of my art?  Well, I guess that I don’t, but it sure would be nice.  And, hey, I don’t think that I’m a special case.  All complicated art is work, and I think that all artists should be able to live off of their work.  If you agree, you should check out Patreon.  It’s a web site that is similar to Kickstarter, but it’s not about kick-starting any specific project.  It’s a place where people can set up recurring donations with the idea that artists can get regular income and be regularly inspired to produce new material.  Patrons can donate as little as one dollar per month, and in return get exclusive access to what ever the artist lists as recurring rewards.  It encourages a more personal exchange between artists and fans also, which I find lacking in today’s society.  So check it out, and, please, if you delight in the idea of Shyft being able to write books and music for a living, contribute what you can here.  It’s not just for me and the fans of my work, but for Shyfted Minds as a record label and the other artists on here, for future artists of SHM, as promotion and producing all of the releases all takes time and money that I rarely can afford.

Even longer: school’s over and I have a degree, but it’s a BS degree that’s kinda intended for use with a doctorate that I don’t have.  What I do have, that came as an added bonus to my degree, is a load of debt to the government.  Hey.  I couldn’t get a job at the time, so loan-funded school/living expenses was my only option.  In order to make minimum payments and still be financially secure, I need to get a pretty well-paying job… or work more than one full time job.  This comes down to actually landing some thing with my degree, being over-stressed by the service industry, and/or never having time for art and hating my self.  Yes, I’d probably feel fulfilling for me to work as a research associate or a low-end counselor, and I live in an area with a decent job market, but it’s not what I want my energy put toward.  Getting a stable income of, say, five hundred dollars per month for my art would make a huge difference.  I could work some mindless full time job where I’m able to exercise my body and listen to music, and not be very mentally fatigued by the time that I get home every day- I could still regularly work on stories and music.

Yes.  The life of an artist is a struggle.  Does it ought to be a struggle?  I understand that there are plenty of people out there who are dysfunctional without good art in their lives, and they are also quite poor, and I would rather they get the art that helps them for free.  I also understand that there is already plenty of art available from people far richer than I and more motivated, more willing to sacrifice than I am, but that doesn’t mean that artists like my self should die off.  Good art is some thing that the world can’t get enough of, just as it can’t get enough well-educated pioneers of thought (there’s a similarly shameful problem with the education system in this country).  I fancy the idea of making a living off of my art so that I can love my job, so that I can fully embrace my true identity, and so that, some day, I might be able to vigorously patronize many other great yet struggling artists out there.


Remember three years ago when Shyft was gonna publish a fourth book? Of course you don’t! Well, it was intended to be my summer project then. Then a thing happened and I was overcome with sadness. Almost a year later I had recovered, and an other summer was upon me. Then a thing happened and I was overcome with sadness. Almost a year later I had recovered from that too, and an other summer was upon me. But I had gotten a real person job, and it was stressing me the hell out, and I was just generally overwhelmed with trying to be a real person adult. But during those years I did manage to get the book edited a third time and get most of the formatting for the print book, including the cover art and the sound track, finished! And now, well, now it is ALL FINISHED.

BEHOLD! The first three books are complete stream of consciousness in a world of dreams, and begin as the stream of consciousness of a United States of American teenager growing up in the early two thousands. Doesn’t get any more messy than that. Right? That coupled with the heavy dose of metaphysical philosophy makes for a challenging read, so I didn’t blame readers who found the beautiful supporting characters or their compelling conflicts to be unapproachable. That’s part of why I love the thing, to be honest, but this one is different! Metaphysics takes a back seat to ethics! The story is told by a clear and concise third-person narrator! No wading through pages upon pages of inner monologue! The world is much more concrete also, with more familiar limitations on physics. This is a conflict between a god, his nobles, and the mortals below, but the real battle occurs between justice and compassion, with all players being on a side of right with a different banner. You wanna know what the cool part is? I didn’t even realize that duality while I was writing the damned thing!

Any way, check it out by clicking the book image above or here.

From the silence… shadows…

As Shyft types this he is listening to the new K.H.D. double album that shall soon be released, ‘Project Afterlife Transmission’. It is wonderful. Every track is finished and arranged; we are waiting on cover art. Predaking’s new EP is growing in to a new album. Demon’s Breath decided to scrap the EP that we were waiting on as an official release, due to complications postponing the release and feeling that his work on those tracks has become outdated. He hopes to release some thing new with us in the near future. Dustrict’s collaboration with a new artist is still in the works; samples have proven interesting so far.

As for Shyft? As is typical, life has gotten in the way and I have not been able to focus on any art projects in a long time. Despite the projected date, the new book’s release is suspended indefinitely. The writing is done; the editing is done; the sound track is done; and most of the cover art is done, but I still have no idea how to properly market a piece of writing and training a one man marketing team and then making a plan tailored to a specific product takes time that I just don’t feel comfortable devoting to it right now- and I want to do it right. It is majorly frustrating, but at least I have crept back in to my music studio… Red Ankh Gray, the industrial metal double album, is finally nearing completion. Seven of the twenty seven tracks just need vocals recorded, and two of them need instrumentation work; the rest of them are complete. I shall also soon be pressing the priority of remixes for My Webbing Come Undone, so that I can finally release a single of that track alongside the symphonic break core album that features the track- an album that has been complete for almost a year now. Better patience I am learning. I used to be able to do every thing at once, writing ten albums and three hundred pages per year. Things have changed, and I’m getting used to it.

“O” project nearing completion

Shyft’s fourth science fiction/fantasy novel is written, edited, formatted for print, and sound tracked. Remaining is formatting the text for Kindle, planning and rolling out a marketing campaign, and publishing! Never mind that he has to go back to school in nine days! The production may be running late, but the show must go on. One may expect a full release by the end of October. One… may.

In the mean time, please enjoy this remaster of one of Shyft’s classic gabber tunes, up now to bang out your ear drums for the sake of promoting the OST and the book. The Harpist was once a gentle, free spirited young magician. How is it that he came to desire To Destroy All Things?

K.H.D. writes video game inspired album

K.H.D. has finished a thirty-six minute album composed as if it were an original sound track to a video game. The work is called ‘Soonjite’ and it is now released here on Shyfted Minds! It is definitely different from his hard core music, but the same technical production and melodious intent can be heard. Snatch it up by clicking on the image above!

I, Shyft, have been spending most of my free time editing my new science fiction/fantasy novel, so far simply titled “O”. It is in the final editing phase now, and then comes promotion and publishing. The book and it’s accompanying sound track, which is comprised of forty songs inspired by scenes and characters from the book, should be finished by the end of the summer.

Also Dustrict is working on a new collaboration release with a new artist, and Predaking is writing a new EP.

Shyfting Gears

A wonderful piece of literature was written to its last punctuation symbol today: Shyft Trakia-Vorga VahtiDahl’s latest full length science fiction/fantasy novel! Of course a first draft is far before a first publication, it is still time for celebration on this end of the Internet. More news to come as editing, art work, sound track and the like are finished. Shyfting from writing mode to editing and promotion modes!

Site Updates: Discography and Literature Listing

Today I updated the discography page and the literature page.  Previews of my new music and writing ideas are present, and I think that the discography page is more or less as complete as it can be for now.  All available Shyfted Minds Music Division releases can be down loaded for free from there, though you may pay me back for the Red Ankh releases where they are hosted, if you want to.  My currently published books are for sale, and can by found by following the link on the Literature Listing page or the link to my Lulu shop on the right side bar.