Future Discography


With the release of SHM100, this parent label shall be host to no new releases, save for reworks of its old ones.

Aside from the many albums that require reworking before a rerelease, there are many future projects and ones in the works.  Shyft definitely has a lot of work to do.  From Shyft, remaking the break core/industrial hard core albums As The Humans Stand Idly By (SHM024) and Complete Collapse (SHM025) is marked as high priority, as well as finishing the rebuild of our fifth release, titled with the symbol face }=<)).  The plan for SHM024 and 25 is to fix them up with modern techniques as well as give them vocal layers similar to the distorted lyrics from Rise of the New Industrial, so one can imagine that Shyft is tempted to reconstruct that EP at the same time.  For Shyft, things to be completed in the future include:


Timewarp to Dust – This album will probably be scrapped, since over the years I have been stripping its track list to add to other track lists.