12.22.20: Holy crap this page is under construction. We never update any thing any more, Christ.

Shyfted Minds is an independent company founded and headed by Shyfted VahtiDahl and focused on three media fields: music, fiction literature, and video games.  Founded in 2008, Shyfted Minds is dedicated to the highest quality of creativity on the lowest possible budget, utilizing primarily digital distribution and Internet viral marketing.  Shyfted Minds promotes independence, free thinking, and creative design unlimited by trends and particular attitudes.  Respect goes to the true professionals, but Shyfted Minds is dedicated to the stylistically smart amateur.  This does not mean that the work is not taken seriously.

Shyfted Minds Music Division

Some where near the beginning of Shyft’s musical career the Shyfted Minds label name was being kicked around, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the name really went in to use, being an outlet for Shyft’s hard core project, Red Ankh, and Philopsycho Lawlawlawl.  The label today has a heavy focus on electronic hard core with a few other small time artists on board with the most recent projects, but is hoped to expand to other genres and build a community of artists.  It is headed by Shyft with the support of Kyat Dittman.  Until 2013 all albums and EPs were released digitally in 320kbps completely free of charge, though donations were accepted.  Since spring of 2013 select releases are provided digitally for sale, due to economic constraints and because retail outlets are good exposure.  If influence is taken from any one other label, it would have to be Cardiac Records.

In 2014 the sub-label Shyfted Minds of Metal was created to keep things better organized and for the sake of limiting sales channels to appropriate genres.  It began as a home for Red Ankh, but ideally will take on more complex guitar-driven acts.

Shyfted Minds Literary Department

Currently the publishing over head for Shyft’s science fiction/fantasy novels.  Since writing and editing a book takes a great deal of time longer than composing and producing an album, the Literary Department’s catalog isn’t nearly as extensive as the Music Division.  Shyft’s novels are heavily influenced by western philosophy and his dreams, as well as the works of Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, and Lewis Carroll’s nonsense.

Shyfted Minds Games Divide

The Games Divide does not yet have any official publications to date.  The coders and artists are still in training, but many concepts are on the table.  Story, music, and 2D graphics will be handled by Shyft; Derek Mayer is on coding, modeling, and animation; Mike Kyslinger is on coding; Phineas Overton is on 2D graphics, modeling, and animation.