SHMH Future Discography


Synthetic Experiments – As of this posting, the sixth volume of this project has been released.  The idea is to keep to a regular release schedule while regularly challenging Shyft’s production and composition abilities.  They are fundamentally hard core/gabber, but the genre is pushed to its limits and slammed with other genres.

Cing of Cogs – This may end up being a Synthetic Experiments volume, or a special Synthetic Experiments release.  Right now it consists of eight tracks that are gothic horror inspired, less dancy and more atmospheric, using instruments such as a music box, tubular bells, flutes, orchestral toms, harpsichord, and pipe organ along with synthesis.  The theme is from a future sequel to Shyft’s first trilogy of novels, focusing on the Cogs, an insidious army of dead gods pulled from the past and reprogrammed to suit the needs of the greatest metaphysical anomaly conceivable.

Maximalism – A brain dance album that has been on the back burner for a long time.  If you are familiar with Sandwiches and Water, well- that is one of the tracks intended to some day make it on there. There is talk that this will become a split album with Johnny Foreplay, heavily inspired by the audio wild man Igorrr, but we’ll see.