SHMM Future Discography


Aside from the many albums that require reworking before a rerelease, there are many future projects and ones in the works.  STV definitely has a lot of work to do.  For Red Ankh, the next stop for reworking is the folk metal album(s) called ‘Green’, and future concepts are as follows:

Saffron – The instrumental tracking for two songs for this album have been mostly completed.  My inspiration for this album comes from Dax Riggs, the swamp rock genius.  You might think he’s just some indie rock loser, but I think that he’s fucking twisted in a really cool way.  The idea is to try to fuse Southerny swampy rock with metal… and gabber… and you can probably understand why I haven’t gotten very far yet.

Sapphire -The instrumental tracking for three songs for this album have been mostly completed, one of them can be heard in full here.  I wish that more people would listen to it; I feel like it is one of my best songs- even in its unfinished form.  The concept here is to merge nineteen eighties synth music, both of the likes of film scores and stage acts, with progressive metal.  Man, am I pumped up for that.  That is probably what I would be working on right now, if I hadn’t any more pressing responsibilities.

Ultra Pink -Yeah.  You are going to laugh.  This is going to be a hands up trance metal album (I am going to laugh too).  I am sorry.  I hate most commercial dance, but the stuff that I like I looooooooove.  Three songs have been mostly finished for this too.

Musical Instrument Roulette! – This will be a concept album.  I will assign instruments to dice; I will roll said dice; I will make note of instruments chosen in this way.  Next I will assign parts to dice (rhythm, beat, lead, etcetera); I will roll said dice; I will make a song with chosen instruments doing the parts chosen for them.  I have no idea how it will end up sounding.  It will be an adventure!

Melody Machine – I am not even sure if this is supposed to be a Red Ankh album.  It is a collection of four tracks that I have had for a while, three of them being psychedelic trance, one of them being a fifteen minute instrumental metal piece.  Um.  I will figure it out eventually.