Red Ankh’s ‘Shadow’ near completion

The last of the vocal recordings are finished for the upcoming Red Ankh album, and the majority of instrumentation is complete.  Its twenty-three minute epic needs some drum fills and adjustment to instrument articulation, as well as a bit of a mixdown tweak and mastering, and five other tracks need one or two minor adjustments, so look forward to a release date within the next few weeks. Below is the cover art and track list (the physical CD releases will have titles, but I enjoy the representative red-colored ankh and shadows).

Disk One: 1:12:30
01 Walking Away 2:37
02 Let’s Drag You Down 5:43
03 Black Mind 7:15
04 Killer 7:13
05 Cave Pools 3:04
06 Dream with Me 5:25
07 In Between 3:05
08 Intergalactic Island 8:49
09 Layers 6:43
10 Remember Kata 9:01
11 Ugluwiktz 8:34
12 Let’s Drag You Down (Shyft Remix) 5:01

Disk Two: 1:15:14
01 Infiltrate, Decimate, Confiscate 7:39
02 Broken 9:45
03 Reflections 3:39
04 Burned Passions 4:20
05 Dark Woodland Wonders 3:13
06 Down Below (Chinic) 5:42
07 Firelight 6:45
08 Rhythmus Tempore 8:15
09 Bittersweet 23:19
10 Going Home 3:07

New Releases Very Soon

‘My Webbing Come Undone’ is a symphonic break core track by Shyft written years ago for an album that never got a proper release.  That symphonic break core album, entitled ‘Her Dark Square’, was remixed and remastered last November.  Now, one remix of the four track remix EP for My Webbing Come Undone still needs new mastering, and then that will be complete and the release of both the album and the remix EP will launch, possibly next week.

Surprise!  For the first time in three years, Shyft is nearly prepared to release a new gabber solo album, with six completed tracks and four nearly completed tracks.  This album is to be simply called ‘HonoR’.  Five are dark core or cross breed.  Five are more ‘mainstyle’, sporting catchy yet complex melodies and harmonies.  The title track is a mixture of both.  This album will feature a new version of an old favorite.  Shyft’s primary goal for this week- his spring break- is to finish these tracks.

Finally, ‘Gray’, the industrial metal double album by Red Ankh, is complete.  Expect release of it by some time next week.

The Dustrict and Wizzort album is in its final stages.  Expect industrial, hard core, cross breed

The Predaking album has just a few tracks remaining to be finished, and is now going to feature a second ‘disk’ full of remixes.  Fast, melodic gabber on its way!

Johan Jello has finished his first two track gabber EP, and as all these other projects come together, this will get mastered and released.


Stay tuned.  Things are changing quickly around here now.

Chip Tune Metal History in the Making

Red Ankh’s Blue album has been remastered and released to the greater public. Red Ankh’s Blue Two is complete. This is the future of chip tune and metal. The discography section has been updated accordingly.  Each album holds eighty minutes in thirteen tracks.  That is twenty six songs spanning two hours and forty minutes.  There are cute as hell NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Atari sound chip based synths.  There are a range of unconventional vocals.  There are Progressive journeys.  Uplifting anthems.  Loud guitars.  Stomping beats.  Exactly four gabber kick drums.  It’s a magical journey through all of your favorite video games that never existed, in your choice of high quality audio format.  Yes.  Magic helmet- AND I WILL GIVE YOU A SAMPLE!

Also, a little (joke) surprise:

Red Ankh chip tune metal single(s) up for grabs!

The tracks Orion and Wonderland I am releasing early as a teaser/promotion for the up comping Red Ankh albums ‘Blue’ and ‘Blue II’.  Chip tune and metal at its finest!  Down load the single(s) here, or stream the tracks below. These aren’t going in to the discography, and won’t be available like this for ever.


Red Ankh – Wonderland by Shyft

Surprise Red Ankh Release!

Despite the reality of Universe and in spite of modern human technology, a Red Ankh EP has managed to travel back in time to fulfill the needs of the present moment.  That’s right- SHM052 has found a way to cheat the system and see a release date before Throw Me a Happycore Record (SHM051) and the up coming Shyft remix album (SHM050).  How could this happen, you might ask?  Well, you will have to down load the new EP and ask it, your self!  Even if it doesn’t answer, the twenty three minute plus epic, A Change of (Speechless) Reasons, is sure to please beyond question and logic.  Head over to the discography page on the right for an extended description and a down load link.