Chip Tune Metal History in the Making

Red Ankh’s Blue album has been remastered and released to the greater public. Red Ankh’s Blue Two is complete. This is the future of chip tune and metal. The discography section has been updated accordingly.  Each album holds eighty minutes in thirteen tracks.  That is twenty six songs spanning two hours and forty minutes.  There are cute as hell NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Atari sound chip based synths.  There are a range of unconventional vocals.  There are Progressive journeys.  Uplifting anthems.  Loud guitars.  Stomping beats.  Exactly four gabber kick drums.  It’s a magical journey through all of your favorite video games that never existed, in your choice of high quality audio format.  Yes.  Magic helmet- AND I WILL GIVE YOU A SAMPLE!

Also, a little (joke) surprise:

Red Ankh chip tune metal single(s) up for grabs!

The tracks Orion and Wonderland I am releasing early as a teaser/promotion for the up comping Red Ankh albums ‘Blue’ and ‘Blue II’.  Chip tune and metal at its finest!  Down load the single(s) here, or stream the tracks below. These aren’t going in to the discography, and won’t be available like this for ever.


Red Ankh – Wonderland by Shyft