K.H.D. presents Old But Gold #2

Here is some thing we’ve been waiting to release for a while}=<))

K.H.D.’s Old But Gold #2

K.H.D. is at it again remastering his old classics, but this time for a full length (nearly eighty minute) album!  After the tracks Back To The Street, It’s Just Me, Kyathos, Mechanism Alpha, My Name, Raise Up Mofos!, See That Hard Shit, and his remix of Imil’s Renegade Master on the Old But Gold EP (click the link to get the EP), K.H.D. continues with Mad Men, Black Gabba, My Voice, Ready To Die, Sunburn In Ya Face, Some Say I’m Crazy, The Last Dimension, Brainstorm, The Plastic, Celebrate, My Real Power, Stomp That Beat, This Is My Style, Twisted, and You Sucker on this release.  Get the new album by clicking the image above or in the discography section in the right column.

And don’t forget to snatch up Shyfted Minds of Hard Core Volume I, if you haven’t yet!

Shyfted Minds of Hard Core Volume I: OUT NOW!

(Click image to down load, or visit the discography section)

01 Aardwolf – Angeli Morti Ouverture
02 Predaking Versus K.H.D. – Missing The Clown
03 PhydomiR – Amputated Spirit
04 K.H.D. – Erdling
05 Tilduh – They Just Want It Hard
06 Predaking – I Can’t Escape
07 Imil – Digital Weed Makes You Horny (Demon’s Breath Analogue Remix)
08 Shyft – The Drop Out
09 Skorpyd – No Changes
10 Mosphire – Ethereal Plague
11 K.H.D. – Sever Their Communications
12 Mikazki & Leviathan – Revenge
13 Johan Jello – Lucid Nightmares
14 1nsane – The Whole Universe
15 Aardwolf – Angeli Morti
16 O.P.B. – Don’t Fuck With Me

Untitled SHM060 Hardcore/Gabber Compilation Album

This month we’re doing a hardcore/gabber compilation album here at Shyfted Minds. A few tracks have already been chosen, but there is still plenty of space for more! Any one interested in submitting a track or two should contact me, Shyft, by email at Feind.Shyft@gmail.com or on Facebook here via private message.  We usually listen to melodic nu-style gabber, but dark core, industrial hard core, happy gabber, and Rotterdam are all acceptable, too (please no ‘extreme’ cores such as speed core, terror, or break core), as long as it is completely original work (hip hop vocals and spoken word samples are okay).

Show us what you got.  Tell your friends.  This shall be the first Shyfted Minds compilation!

DJ Istapp’s first solo release: SHM058

Nicey nice. We’ve been busy here at Shyfted Minds this week, and there’s a chance of two more releases going in to their final stages this week’s end! If you’ve been searching for some thing new and different in hard core electronic music, hard dance, or what ever you want to call it, search no farther (at least, you know, for now). DJ Istapp’s Twisted Origin EP is truly musical and melodic, but is by no means mainstream. You won’t expect to hear any DMX voice samples or cheesy pop lyrics. This is expression out of line, a style quite unforgettable! Click the image above or enter the discography section along the right to make it yours!*


*There is no implication of invitation to claim ownership of copyright, authorship, or the unforgettable style thereof.

K.H.D. Remasters Old Classics!

Surprise! K.H.D. has been busy reworking some tunes from his old releases: Back To The Street, It’s Just Me, Kyathos, Mechanism Alpha, My Name, Raise Up Mofos!, See That Hard Shit, and his remix of Imil’s Renegade Master. Now you can down load this remastered classics pack here on Shyfted Minds. Head on over to the discography section on the right.

Here’s a sampler mash up!

K.H.D. – Human Killer EP released today!

Check the discography section in the right column to get your hands on K.H.D.’s first solo gabber release on Shyfted Minds! Alternatively, click here.  This release includes a remix of a song by Inflicted Rage, an upcoming hardcore producer from France, called ‘Dangerous’.  For an example of just how powerful this extended play is, please refer to the title track below.

New Collective Audition Out Now!

Today is the day! The Shyft remix album, New Collective Audition, has hit the net and is available for free down load in the discography section (located in the right column [you may have to scroll down; remember that SHM052 beat it to the punch)! I was happy to recieve and release all of these great remixes, and I want to thank the artists for taking the time to bring this thing to life. I want to thank those who finished their remixes months ago for being quick and waiting paciently for the release; I want to thank those who were short on time but managed to finish their remixes regardless, and I want to than Mister K.H.D. for all of his support and for mixing me an ear catching mash up that serves as an excellent preview to the album. This mash up can be streamed below.

The track list is as follows, including remixer and genre:

ElluomenneuM Part Two – K.H.D. (Nu Style Gabber)
The Face Stealer – Shyft (Dark Core/Clown Core)
To Destroy All Things – The Augerz (Hard Style)
Illuryzquin – DJ Istapp (Nu Style Gabber)
Dakkaeus – K.H.D. (Nu Style Gabber)
God Mod – Demon’s Breath (Dark Core)
The Sorcerer – DJ Gilga (Anthem Trance)
33 – M.E.G.A.L.O. Concept (Nu Style Gabber)
Ryzqk – Smilecythe (Electro Industrial)
Rompus – K.H.D. (Nu Style Gabber)
The March of the Champion – T2Kazuya (Happy Hard Core)
I Will Be The One – Shyft (Clown Core)
Unforgettable – DJ Istapp/Vanr (Free Form)
The Kingdom of the Future – K.H.D. (Nu Style Gabber)
Ondas – Shoujo (Makina)

Seven Days to New Collective Audition

The Shyft remix album, titled ‘New Collective Audition’, is finally taking its proper shape.  Just a few more submissions, which are reportedly in their final stages, are to be collected before the scheduled release date of November first.  The art work is finished, and mastering begins tomorrow.  Distribution shall be free, digital, and high quality as usual.  A track list will be revealed with the release, since it is not yet certain if the remaining few submissions will make the dead line (but expect between twelve and seventeen tracks).  They are timeless classics, though; I assure you, and I have very impressed with what I have received so far.  Tell every body.  Get pumped!  The king of clown core remixed by up and coming names from all over Europe and America!

In other news, I think that I am going to begin posting album reviews (of non-Shyfted Minds releases) here to draw more attention, to keep the posts flowing, and to teach my self how to describe music more objectively- or at the very least seem that way.

Remix Album to be Released Early November, 2010

After some delays, the remix album is moving ahead again with the recruit of four new artists.  Eight tracks are finished, two tracks are having the finishing touches applied, three tracks are just beginning, and one artist I am waiting on sample work for before being approved.  If the six tracks that I am waiting on are completed before November first and suit my taste, the album will be mixed, mastered, and released.  If more artists request to take part during that time, I may consider including a second ‘disk’ (this is going to be a digital only release).  The confirmed (finished or near finished) remixes are as follows:

Dakkaeus – K.H.D.
Illuryzquin – DJ Istapp
The March of the Champion – T2Kazuya
Ondas – Shoujo
Rompus – K.H.D.
God Mod – Demon’s Breath
I Will Be The One – Shyft
To Destroy All Things – The Augerz
Unforgettable – DJ Istapp
The Kingdom of the Future – K.H.D.

Tracks to be completed are This is Gabber Bizzap, The Face Stealer, Ryzqk, The Sorcerer, 33, and A Warrior’s Fury.  Below is a Youtube mash up of the tracks that still need to be completed for the album.  All hard core artists are encouraged to send an email to Feind.Shyft@gmail.com including an mp3 of or link to their best work, if they are interested in participating.  If the track that you want to remix has already been chosen, I will notify you in my response email.  If you are familiar with my work and want to remix a track not listed, feel free to let me know, as I may be open to approving it.