Seven Days to New Collective Audition

The Shyft remix album, titled ‘New Collective Audition’, is finally taking its proper shape.  Just a few more submissions, which are reportedly in their final stages, are to be collected before the scheduled release date of November first.  The art work is finished, and mastering begins tomorrow.  Distribution shall be free, digital, and high quality as usual.  A track list will be revealed with the release, since it is not yet certain if the remaining few submissions will make the dead line (but expect between twelve and seventeen tracks).  They are timeless classics, though; I assure you, and I have very impressed with what I have received so far.  Tell every body.  Get pumped!  The king of clown core remixed by up and coming names from all over Europe and America!

In other news, I think that I am going to begin posting album reviews (of non-Shyfted Minds releases) here to draw more attention, to keep the posts flowing, and to teach my self how to describe music more objectively- or at the very least seem that way.

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