K.H.D. presents Old But Gold #2

Here is some thing we’ve been waiting to release for a while}=<))

K.H.D.’s Old But Gold #2

K.H.D. is at it again remastering his old classics, but this time for a full length (nearly eighty minute) album!  After the tracks Back To The Street, It’s Just Me, Kyathos, Mechanism Alpha, My Name, Raise Up Mofos!, See That Hard Shit, and his remix of Imil’s Renegade Master on the Old But Gold EP (click the link to get the EP), K.H.D. continues with Mad Men, Black Gabba, My Voice, Ready To Die, Sunburn In Ya Face, Some Say I’m Crazy, The Last Dimension, Brainstorm, The Plastic, Celebrate, My Real Power, Stomp That Beat, This Is My Style, Twisted, and You Sucker on this release.  Get the new album by clicking the image above or in the discography section in the right column.

And don’t forget to snatch up Shyfted Minds of Hard Core Volume I, if you haven’t yet!

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