DJ Istapp’s first solo release: SHM058

Nicey nice. We’ve been busy here at Shyfted Minds this week, and there’s a chance of two more releases going in to their final stages this week’s end! If you’ve been searching for some thing new and different in hard core electronic music, hard dance, or what ever you want to call it, search no farther (at least, you know, for now). DJ Istapp’s Twisted Origin EP is truly musical and melodic, but is by no means mainstream. You won’t expect to hear any DMX voice samples or cheesy pop lyrics. This is expression out of line, a style quite unforgettable! Click the image above or enter the discography section along the right to make it yours!*


*There is no implication of invitation to claim ownership of copyright, authorship, or the unforgettable style thereof.

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