Shyft Versus K.H.D. present ‘Suspended in the Infinite Gabber Space’ Album

From SHM003 to SHM063, here comes a new bangin hard core album! It features four new tracks by Shyft, four by K.H.D., a remix of Shyft’s track ‘The Drop Out’ by K.H.D., a remix of K.H.D.’s new mega-tune ‘Tool of Evil’ by Shyft, and three collaborative tracks by the both of them. It also has a bonus ‘disk’ holding remastered versions of K.H.D.’s tracks ‘I Want the Truth’ (previously unreleased on Shyfted Minds), ‘What About Me?’, and ‘Sever Their Communications’, the last of which has also been reworked to include a deeper complexity. Click the image above for free down load, and watch the promo mash up below for a sample of what you’re waiting for.

Also, the new Shyfted Minds Internet home is now fully functional.  A couple of the artist bios need updating, but other than that it’s all in full effect.  Take a look around!

Seven Days to New Collective Audition

The Shyft remix album, titled ‘New Collective Audition’, is finally taking its proper shape.  Just a few more submissions, which are reportedly in their final stages, are to be collected before the scheduled release date of November first.  The art work is finished, and mastering begins tomorrow.  Distribution shall be free, digital, and high quality as usual.  A track list will be revealed with the release, since it is not yet certain if the remaining few submissions will make the dead line (but expect between twelve and seventeen tracks).  They are timeless classics, though; I assure you, and I have very impressed with what I have received so far.  Tell every body.  Get pumped!  The king of clown core remixed by up and coming names from all over Europe and America!

In other news, I think that I am going to begin posting album reviews (of non-Shyfted Minds releases) here to draw more attention, to keep the posts flowing, and to teach my self how to describe music more objectively- or at the very least seem that way.

Site Updates: Discography and Literature Listing

Today I updated the discography page and the literature page.  Previews of my new music and writing ideas are present, and I think that the discography page is more or less as complete as it can be for now.  All available Shyfted Minds Music Division releases can be down loaded for free from there, though you may pay me back for the Red Ankh releases where they are hosted, if you want to.  My currently published books are for sale, and can by found by following the link on the Literature Listing page or the link to my Lulu shop on the right side bar.

A New Site, A New Music Project

Ah.   Finally a domain that looks like it belongs to me.  Using a combination of WordPress and, I have here created a new face for Shyfted Minds.  Here I will post only the most relevant of news, I suppose.

The most relevant news currently is this: I would like to announce the beginning of a new kind of music project for me, a massive collaboration- a remix album.  It shall be an album consisting of remixes of some of my Shyft project’s most notable hard core/gabber tracks.  I will present a track list and artist roster when those things are more certain.  For now I have recruited seven hard core artists that I believe will do a good job, and I hope to have on board at least four more.  Depending on the run time, I may reach out to even more, or per haps have remix artists double or triple up.  I plan to do a remix, my self, as well.