A New Site, A New Music Project

Ah.   Finally a domain that looks like it belongs to me.  Using a combination of WordPress and Dot.tk, I have here created a new face for Shyfted Minds.  Here I will post only the most relevant of news, I suppose.

The most relevant news currently is this: I would like to announce the beginning of a new kind of music project for me, a massive collaboration- a remix album.  It shall be an album consisting of remixes of some of my Shyft project’s most notable hard core/gabber tracks.  I will present a track list and artist roster when those things are more certain.  For now I have recruited seven hard core artists that I believe will do a good job, and I hope to have on board at least four more.  Depending on the run time, I may reach out to even more, or per haps have remix artists double or triple up.  I plan to do a remix, my self, as well.

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