K.H.D.’s album Hybrid is now available!

From the finger tips of the great K.H.D.:

‘Hey guys! FINALLY! My new album is ready for download!
15 tracks in total.
What styles?
Melodic Gabber? OF COURSE!!!
Harsh Gabber/Hardcore? HELL YEAH!
Trance? YES!
Drum And Bass? YEPP!
Ambient? A little bit.
Dubstep? Hell No.’

Click the cover image above to go straight to this free master piece. It is most excellent!

In other news, Predaking and Shyft have both been sick, so there have been delays on the new Predaking release and Synthetic Experiments 4 and 5 (which are both pretty close to being finished, damn it!). But, hey, slow and steady is how we roll around here. Such is the life of the committed rock non-star.

An… aftertaste of things that came?

Some sort of time warp brought us to catalog number SHM086. I think that there was supposed to be a K.H.D. number in there? Don’t worry. Well get back to it when the wiggly time is right. Until then? Enjoy this new release from Shyft! The experimentation continues with these two tracks brewed from hard edged darkness and wide-eyed strange-iosity. Click the cover image above to have a listen and a down load. It’s cheapest there, but you can also reach it through major digital retailers, and, like, stream it on Spotify and junk. In case you missed it, Volume 1 is still hanging around too.

This time it was dark and vicious again. For next time, expect some thing different. During the second week of October, a brighter, more uplifting set of experiments will be storming the gates of audio paradise, and this time around there will be three tracks, the third being an ethereal gabber piece in multiple movements. Hardcore has been ripping off classical anthems for years, so who says there’s no room for an original piece that progresses through stages as such? Stay tuned, and scream, if you like cookies.

New, new, Divebomb, Divebomb!

You want some more hard core? You do? Good. Wait- you DON’T!? Oh. Never mind. Of course you do. Here be an other free EP from Divebomb, low-BPM side project of Mister Predaking. Three originals and one Predaking remix here. Click the image above and snatch it up. Or don’t. OR DO, CAUSE YOU’RE NOT A FOOL.

In other news, K.H.D. is putting the finishing touches on his most excellent new release, and Shyft’s next installment of Synthetic Experiments shall be released on the twenty-third of September. In the mean time, taste this teaser:

Shyfted Minds of Metal

For the purpose of better organization, Shyfted Minds will from now on delegate its heavy metal releases to a sub-label, Shyfted Minds of Metal or SHMM. It’s catalog begins with deluxe versions of Red Ankh’s Shadow and Gray double albums, which include instrumental versions of songs. Through this label Red Ankh enters in to the digital retail realm, but these albums can still be purchased for cheaper on Bandcamp, and the instrumental tracks are now included as free bonus material on that channel. Follow the link path through the image above to these, if you have yet to acquire them and would wish to do so.

Here come the gabber mixes

As said, here it be. The Zarkerovense remix that you may have heard a sneak preview of last year made it. K.H.D. was responsible for that of course. Imil and 1nsane returned after long silences on SHM to tackle Ankh’s Terror and New. Dustrict answered the call with a heavy tune much more on the jungle side, but with its industrial build up it fits in fine. Shyft took two tracks as well, totaling six gabber remixes of industrial-metal-themed Red Ankh tracks. Sound familiar? Good. You belong here.  Click the image above or here and enjoy this free release!

Red Ankh’s ‘Shadow’ near completion

The last of the vocal recordings are finished for the upcoming Red Ankh album, and the majority of instrumentation is complete.  Its twenty-three minute epic needs some drum fills and adjustment to instrument articulation, as well as a bit of a mixdown tweak and mastering, and five other tracks need one or two minor adjustments, so look forward to a release date within the next few weeks. Below is the cover art and track list (the physical CD releases will have titles, but I enjoy the representative red-colored ankh and shadows).

Disk One: 1:12:30
01 Walking Away 2:37
02 Let’s Drag You Down 5:43
03 Black Mind 7:15
04 Killer 7:13
05 Cave Pools 3:04
06 Dream with Me 5:25
07 In Between 3:05
08 Intergalactic Island 8:49
09 Layers 6:43
10 Remember Kata 9:01
11 Ugluwiktz 8:34
12 Let’s Drag You Down (Shyft Remix) 5:01

Disk Two: 1:15:14
01 Infiltrate, Decimate, Confiscate 7:39
02 Broken 9:45
03 Reflections 3:39
04 Burned Passions 4:20
05 Dark Woodland Wonders 3:13
06 Down Below (Chinic) 5:42
07 Firelight 6:45
08 Rhythmus Tempore 8:15
09 Bittersweet 23:19
10 Going Home 3:07

Shyft’s Her Dark Square and remix EP available now

Eight years ago Shyft saw a Youtube video with clips from the game Fear set to the song Kétsarkú Mozgalom by Venetian Snares. He was showed this video to catch a glimpse of the game, but he never played that game. He listened to Venetian Snares’ symphonic break core album, home of the terrifying track that he had heard, many times. It inspired him to begin work on orchestral-infused brain dance, all originally written with sample-based VSTs and chopped apart drum loops, among synths. An equal obsession with Dimmu Borgir’s Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia inspired him to mix in some heavy metal elements. A year later Her Dark Square was written to its completion, being far more varied in style and mood than its muse material; some times it is even uplifting. Shyft considers it to be one of his finest works.

Her Dark Square, though poorly mixed and mastered, was of a higher production quality than what Shyft would achieve for a few more years to come, and yet in 2011 it came time to remix and remaster it, as well as upgrade the guitar sections. Now the revised edition is here for rerelease alongside the remix EP of the first track. Get them now by clicking the image links above!

At long last, Shyft releases a new hardcore/gabber full-length album

Huzzah! A new half darkcore and crossbreed/half nu-style album (above promo mix courtesy of K.H.D..  Shyft feels so accomplished, finally back on track. Get your copies and/or stream the full album here and be sure to read the album description!  Again, I’m asking for a few dollars for this one on Bandcamp, and, if you think it’s worth more, please modify payment to suit.  The title track is available for free (no minimum)!

Shyfted Minds is hosted on a registered domain now, which costs money, and, if my work isn’t valued in this way for much longer, I won’t be able to justify pouring so many hours of the day in to it any longer- which is sad!  But alas, adult humans gotta feed their selves.  Asking for help is difficult for me, and asking for money makes me feel like kind of an ass hole.  If you agree, look the release up on The Pirate Bay or Gabber.od.ua in a couple of days or so.