V.A. – Down the Road of No Return

SHM100: V.A. – Down the Road of No Return – Officially released in 2017, this is a hard core and dark core release by core members of Shyfted Minds and one guest. Shyft, K.H.D., Predaking, and Scorpyd tracks are remixed by their peers, and Makinarium joins for a special Makina remix of Auf Und Davon. Updated versions of To Forget a World and Forgotten Worlds of Inverse are featured here, preparing two of Shyfted Minds’ greatest tracks for the big twenty-seventeen. The one original track on this release, Can Universe Forget, completes the Shyfted Minds anthem trilogy, and the album opens with a shorter version, sans progressive, experimental wankery. This is it. This is the final Shyfted Minds parent release. All further hard core releases can be found under the sub label, Shyfted Minds of Hard Core.

“Only here is everything beautiful, only here; here are the others.
Only we are different from the rest.
Only we are different; only we are friends; we are not like them.”

1 Shyft – Can Universe Forget (DJ Edit) 4:37
2 Shyft – Dark Plus (K.H.D. Remix) 6:00
3 Predaking – Rosegarden (Shyft Remix) 5:46
4 Scorpyd – Bleed Yourself (Predaking Remix) 5:18
5 K.H.D. – Auf Und Davon (Makinarium Remix) 5:58
6 Shyft – Undo (K.H.D. Remix) 6:09
7 Shyft Versus K.H.D. – To Forget a World (2017 Edit) 7:48
8 Shyft Versus K.H.D. – Forgotten Worlds of Inverse (Shyfted Minds Anthem 2017 Edit) 7:05
9 Shyft – Can Universe Forget 9:28

Down Load Down the Road of No Return