K.H.D.’s seven-track Mind is out now!

Heeere comes a new brilliant K.H.D. hard core release! Mind is seven original tracks, starting with a ten minute progressive epic and ending with a smooth drum and bass tune. Get it for free or pay what you think it’s worth here or by clicking the image above.

In addition, the release dates for Shyft’s Synthetic Experiments Volume 1, Red Ankh Shadow Deluxe edition, and Red Ankh Gray Deluxe edition have been fixed at April thirtieth, March thirteenth, and March seventeenth respectively. Again, Red Ankh Gray: The Gabber Mixes will hopefully be prepared in early April.

Shyfted Minds Merch! And other news

Got money that you don’t need? Want to pay a large corporation a hefty fee so that we can get a small cut and you can get cool representative items of our brands? Then this is the place for you!  Have mouths to feed, don’t feel like turning your body or your flat-faced possessions in to portable advertisements, but would still like to support our creators of cool music?  Look up our individual monikers on Bandcamp and buy some music!

More seriously, Zazzle’s manufacturing fees are kinda high, but so far I have been pretty well impressed with the quality of their products.  I do love my Shyfted Minds jacket, for sure!

In other news, Deluxe editions of Red Ankh’s Shadow and Gray will be released in mid May through Bandcamp and major digital online retailers.  These editions include instrumental versions of Red Ankh tracks, honoring the discontinued, original version of Gray from two thousand eight.  The upcoming K.H.D. release sounds promising so far.  Predaking is working on some thing completely different, some chip-tune drum and bass, and per haps under a different alias.  Shyft has a string of experimental gabber EPs in the works, the first scheduled to be released next month.  Aaaaaaand last, and probably least, the release date for Red Ankh Gray: The Gabber Mixes is as floating around as ever.  It was decided to give the remaining two remix artists an extension to the dead line, since, well, hey!  We were looking forward to hearing those!

Physical CDs for selected releases

To date, there are three Shyfted Minds releases that are available in CD format. Their pages that provide digital down loads link to these physical versions, but, for your convenience, links are provided here.  These releases are also available on Amazon, but this store, a subdivision of Amazon, provides the artists more royalties.

Shyft’s album HonoR: Digital  |  Physical

Red Ankh’s double album Gray: Digital  |  Physical 001, Physical 002

Red Ankh’s double album Shadow: Digital  |  Physical I, Physical II


New releases coming soon

You may have spotted a couple of tracks by Divebomb on Predaking’s last release, his huge double album Dark Days.  This is his side project for slower hard core- or regular hard core, for those who find his 190bpm+ works to be too hectic!  We’ll have you know that the first Divebomb solo EP is finished, mastered, and ready for release.  Expect to see it up for free down load early next week.

It should come as no surprise that K.H.D. is at it again with some thing big.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Red Ankh’s Gray is an industrial and metal themed double album showcasing Shyft’s industrial trance side in between Red Ankh’s regular weirdness attuned to industrial metal, or some thing like it.  It appeared as a limited, mostly instrumental release back in 2008 and had new life breathed in to it with many new vocal recordings, updated mixing, and remastering in 2013.  The release promo video teased you with the prospect of a remix EP, which experienced much delay.  Now we are happy to announce that Gray: The Gabber Mixes EP (an enthusiastic nod to Fear Factory) is currently scheduled to be released during the third week of March!  You can expect to see Red Ankh’s guitar-infused tracks remixed in to hard core dance music by Shyft, K.H.D., Dustrict, Imil, Tilduh, 1nsane, and Chromǯ.

Red Ankh’s ‘Shadow’ near completion

The last of the vocal recordings are finished for the upcoming Red Ankh album, and the majority of instrumentation is complete.  Its twenty-three minute epic needs some drum fills and adjustment to instrument articulation, as well as a bit of a mixdown tweak and mastering, and five other tracks need one or two minor adjustments, so look forward to a release date within the next few weeks. Below is the cover art and track list (the physical CD releases will have titles, but I enjoy the representative red-colored ankh and shadows).

Disk One: 1:12:30
01 Walking Away 2:37
02 Let’s Drag You Down 5:43
03 Black Mind 7:15
04 Killer 7:13
05 Cave Pools 3:04
06 Dream with Me 5:25
07 In Between 3:05
08 Intergalactic Island 8:49
09 Layers 6:43
10 Remember Kata 9:01
11 Ugluwiktz 8:34
12 Let’s Drag You Down (Shyft Remix) 5:01

Disk Two: 1:15:14
01 Infiltrate, Decimate, Confiscate 7:39
02 Broken 9:45
03 Reflections 3:39
04 Burned Passions 4:20
05 Dark Woodland Wonders 3:13
06 Down Below (Chinic) 5:42
07 Firelight 6:45
08 Rhythmus Tempore 8:15
09 Bittersweet 23:19
10 Going Home 3:07

Johan Jello’s first release on Shyfted Minds

Johan Jello’s first release, Augmentation EP, is now available on Shyfted Minds Records! This two track EP features just the kind of atypical hard core sound that Shyfted Minds strives to make available against the expected mainstyle, dark core, and cross breed. Click the image above to down load it for free!

In other news, Red Ankh‘s new double album with an orientation of darkness and symphonic composition is approaching completion, taking inspiration from acts like Dimmu Borgir, old Tristania and Sirenia, but still with moments of the typical uplifting Red Ankh sound.  Predaking is working on a new four track release under his Divebomb alias, and K.H.D. is of course pumping out new tracks to be connected in a release sooner or later.

How awful how artists must live the regular lives of real people!  Activity here at Shyfted Minds has been slow to stagnant lately, as many of us have been putting more time in to our other responsibilities.  As owner, Shyft takes the blame, as he has been rather… troubled, let us say.  On top of that, the need for a new job and possibly switching academic paths has been taking priority over music, but we have no intention of quitting!  Things are slowly working toward stability once again, and you can expect new great things from this organization beyond that point.

K.H.D. and Dustrict release split EP

We have all been rather busy with our regular lives here at Shyfted Minds lately, but K.H.D. and Dustrict managed to pump out this two original, two remix track EP for your listening pleasure! Click the image above to stream and acquire it in your choice of digital audio format.

Shyft is struggling to find the time and patience to tweak the mix of and master Predaking’s new album. I’d wager this week or the first week of next month will mark it’s completion, but time keeps slipping away lately. There is still Johan Jello’s new EP to master and release as well!

In other news, physical merchandise such as shirts, stickers, and select physical CDs should be available soon through the Shyfted Minds website. If you’re clever and determined, you should already be able to find them on your own!

Shyft’s Her Dark Square and remix EP available now

Eight years ago Shyft saw a Youtube video with clips from the game Fear set to the song Kétsarkú Mozgalom by Venetian Snares. He was showed this video to catch a glimpse of the game, but he never played that game. He listened to Venetian Snares’ symphonic break core album, home of the terrifying track that he had heard, many times. It inspired him to begin work on orchestral-infused brain dance, all originally written with sample-based VSTs and chopped apart drum loops, among synths. An equal obsession with Dimmu Borgir’s Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia inspired him to mix in some heavy metal elements. A year later Her Dark Square was written to its completion, being far more varied in style and mood than its muse material; some times it is even uplifting. Shyft considers it to be one of his finest works.

Her Dark Square, though poorly mixed and mastered, was of a higher production quality than what Shyft would achieve for a few more years to come, and yet in 2011 it came time to remix and remaster it, as well as upgrade the guitar sections. Now the revised edition is here for rerelease alongside the remix EP of the first track. Get them now by clicking the image links above!