Welcome Knifeman, artist of hard core and industrial

Allow me to present Knifeman from Poland and his first Shyfted Minds release, the Pure Evil EP. It begins as you might expect, with some heavy gabber, but so slow? Wait- is that waltz timing? Some thing is clearly different here. And then after the ballad of distortion is over, industrial hard core becomes electro industrial (or terror EBM, or what ever the kids are calling the harshest and darkest of industrial genres descended from synth pop and factory noises these days). Knifeman comes to us with some thing special, out of the ordinary for SHM, and he’s not alone. Among these four tracks are guest vocals by Szyn Jebiasza, collaboration with FL FAN, and Knifeman’s take on Jura’s ‘Case’. Click the image above and say ‘Pozdrowienia!’ to the new kid on the block.