French hardcore/gabber artist since 2007. Since an early age, Scorpyd has shown interest in the hardest electronic music styles, and later been inspired by the darkest topics such as emotional and mental disorders. He started mixing in 2005, producing in 2007, and initially contributed in 2009 with his track ‘Praying 4 War’ as Pyroblast to the ‘Disaster Area Part. 2’ compilation published by the now-defunct Smokeskull Records label. Shortly after, he switched to producing as Scorpyd and released his first EP ‘Terminate / Destroy’ in 2011 alongside fellow artists Predaking and Shyft. Both ‘Motherfucker From The Heart’ and ‘Fake-Ass Bitches’ EPs followed in 2012, published on Psycho Numberz by dutch artist and friend Melvin Weijts. Things got more serious in 2015.



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