Shyft’s Her Dark Square and remix EP available now

Eight years ago Shyft saw a Youtube video with clips from the game Fear set to the song Kétsarkú Mozgalom by Venetian Snares. He was showed this video to catch a glimpse of the game, but he never played that game. He listened to Venetian Snares’ symphonic break core album, home of the terrifying track that he had heard, many times. It inspired him to begin work on orchestral-infused brain dance, all originally written with sample-based VSTs and chopped apart drum loops, among synths. An equal obsession with Dimmu Borgir’s Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia inspired him to mix in some heavy metal elements. A year later Her Dark Square was written to its completion, being far more varied in style and mood than its muse material; some times it is even uplifting. Shyft considers it to be one of his finest works.

Her Dark Square, though poorly mixed and mastered, was of a higher production quality than what Shyft would achieve for a few more years to come, and yet in 2011 it came time to remix and remaster it, as well as upgrade the guitar sections. Now the revised edition is here for rerelease alongside the remix EP of the first track. Get them now by clicking the image links above!