Shyft – Synthetic Experiments Vol. 6

SHM095: Shyft – Synthetic Experiments Vol. 6 – Officially released in 2015, this is a PSY-GABBER release by Shyft. Or some thing. Two long pieces progressing through different movements as fluidly as a multi-genre DJ (who doesn’t suck). Psy plocks. Chunky guitars. Choirs. Synth flute? Eighties synth score influence! Break beats. Epic leads. GABBER KICKS. A cheesy hoover. Staccato sixteenth note bass lines. All this and more meticulously composed with and arranged so that it doesn’t sound any where near as messy as that list does. Shyft finally got around to expressing his inspiration from Infected Mushroom directly.


1 Dyormjor 10:32
2 Time Warrior Space Zeus 9:58

Down Load Synthetic Experiments Vol. 6

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