K.H.D. – Synthetic Experiments Vol. 5

SHM093: K.H.D. – Synthetic Experiments Vol. 5 – Officially released in 2015, this is a melodic gabber EP by K.H.D.. As his first contribution to the Synthetic Experiments project, K.H.D. focuses on unconventional atmospheres, unexpected arrangement, prominent vocals, and a blending with other recognizable dance genres, though his signature medieval folk-inspired melodies remain present.

1 Alptraum 5:29
2 Santurna Coy 3:15
3 Träum’ Weiter 3:33
4 Lebe Jetzt!
5 Unbekannte Kampfeinheit 5:16
6 Qenz Katrum 2:42

Down Load Synthetic Experiments Vol. 5

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