K.H.D. – Hirntod EP

SHM096: K.H.D. – Hirntod EP – Officially released in 2015, this is a melodic gabber EP by K.H.D.. The first track is straight up hard core adventure music, with a sensational medieval fantasy vibe. The comes a tune styled more like dark core. Wach’ auf! brings back the medieval melodies, some melodic vocals, and an unconventional arrangement. The collaboration with DMT and MissCyainide blends K.H.D.’s classic style with some excellent nu-style beats and rap vocals. Advent Journey is the first collaboration between K.H.D. and Shyft since their collab album Suspended in the Infinite Gabber Space from 2011! This wraps up the album with more medieval folk-inspired triplet melodies and hectic synth wankery.

1 K.H.D. – Hochburg Der Verdammnis 6:58
2 K.H.D. – Drama Based Mind Control 4:43
3 K.H.D. – Wach’ auf! 3:28
4 K.H.D. Vs. DMT Feat. MissCyainide – Get Back Up! 05:10
5 Shyft Vs. K.H.D. – Advent Journey 05:05

Down Load Hirntod

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