Dustrict – Toxik Hazard EP

SHM067: Dustrict – Toxik Hazard EP – Officially released in 2012, this is a nu-style gabber EP by Dustrict with elements of dub step and dark core, and marks the first release under the Dustrict name. K.H.D. makes an appearance as a remixed artist and a remixer.

1 Dustrict – Dangerous Hazard 3:37
2 Dustrict – System Response (Program) 5:14
3 Dustrict – Juggernaut 4:50
4 Dustrict – Vodka Robots 4:10
5 Dustrict – The Beginning 5:21
6 K.H.D. – Brain Eater (Dustrict Remix) 4:02
7 Dustrict – The Beginning (K.H.D. Remix) 5:46

Down Load Toxik Hazard EP

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