Remix Album to be Released Early November, 2010

After some delays, the remix album is moving ahead again with the recruit of four new artists.  Eight tracks are finished, two tracks are having the finishing touches applied, three tracks are just beginning, and one artist I am waiting on sample work for before being approved.  If the six tracks that I am waiting on are completed before November first and suit my taste, the album will be mixed, mastered, and released.  If more artists request to take part during that time, I may consider including a second ‘disk’ (this is going to be a digital only release).  The confirmed (finished or near finished) remixes are as follows:

Dakkaeus – K.H.D.
Illuryzquin – DJ Istapp
The March of the Champion – T2Kazuya
Ondas – Shoujo
Rompus – K.H.D.
God Mod – Demon’s Breath
I Will Be The One – Shyft
To Destroy All Things – The Augerz
Unforgettable – DJ Istapp
The Kingdom of the Future – K.H.D.

Tracks to be completed are This is Gabber Bizzap, The Face Stealer, Ryzqk, The Sorcerer, 33, and A Warrior’s Fury.  Below is a Youtube mash up of the tracks that still need to be completed for the album.  All hard core artists are encouraged to send an email to including an mp3 of or link to their best work, if they are interested in participating.  If the track that you want to remix has already been chosen, I will notify you in my response email.  If you are familiar with my work and want to remix a track not listed, feel free to let me know, as I may be open to approving it.

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