Shyft – HonoR

SHM072: Shyft – HonoR – Officially released in 2013, this is a nu-style gabber and cross breed album by Shyft. This is the first solo release by Shyft since In Check and Throw Me a Happycore Record in 2010. This album is divided by two themes. One is presented by the five movements of Empty Patch of Waste Land, capturing the empty, cold atmosphere of the old waste land of the other side of Earth. The waste land of ‘the burnt side’ is a significant environment from Shyft’s Shyfted Dreaming trilogy. The Empty Patch of Waste Land tracks begin as 150bpm dark core, and increase by 10bpm for every track and become more experimental. The even-numbered tracks are more melodic and follow a theme of philosophy and ideals, with important concepts presented in original vocal samples and lyrics. The album ends with an edit of Just An Other Means to an End so Pristine, the original being the last track on In Check. This track is revised with words bringing all of the elements of the even-numbered tracks together again.

1 Empty Patch Of Waste Land I 5:00
2 Arrogance 6:09
3 Empty Patch Of Waste Land II 5:41
4 Knowledge 6:09
5 Empty Patch Of Waste Land III 6:08
6 Balance 6:34
7 Empty Patch Of Waste Land IV 8:16
8 Romanticism 5:42
9 Empty Patch Of Waste Land V 8:33
10 Honor 7:22
11 Just An Other Means To An End So Pristine 2013 7:19

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