New Collective Audition

SHM050: New Collective Audition – Officially released in 2010, this is a remix compilation album by various artists. All tracks are remixes of original Shyft tunes. It features four remixes by K.H.D., two by Shyft, two by DJ Istapp, and one each by The Augerz, Demon’s Breath, DJ Gilga, M.E.G.A.L.O. Concept, Smilecythe, T2Kazuya, and Shoujo. Styles include gabber, darkcore, hardstyle, happy hardcore, and trance.

1 ElluomenneuM Part Two (K.H.D. Remix) 5:21
2 The Face Stealer (Dark Core Mix) 5:53
3 To Destroy All Things (The Augerz Remix) 6:17
4 Illuryzquin (Istapp Distorted Aggression Mix) 5:21
5 Dakkaeus (K.H.D. Remix) 4:44
6 God Mod (Demon’s Breath Antichrist Remix) 4:42
7 The Sorcerer (DJ Gilga Remix) 4:04
8 33 (M.E.G.A.L.O. Concept Remix) 4:29
9 Ryzqk (Smilecythe Remix) 2:27
10 Rompus (K.H.D. Remix) 6:29
11 March Of The Champion (T2Kazuya Remix) 4:54
12 I Will Be The One (Undubbed Mix) 7:03
13 Unforgettable (Vanr Vs. DJ Istapp Remix) 6:12
14 The Kingdom Of The Future (K.H.D. Remix) 6:41
15 Ondas (Shoujo Remix) 5:15

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