Shyft – Rise of the New Industrial EP

SHM039: Shyft – Rise of the New Industrial EP – Officially released in 2008, this is a vocal industrial hardcore album by Shyft. Taking inspiration from industrial trance and industrial hardcore, and even a little from industrial metal and breakcore, these recordings were made to push the boundaries of industrial music as a whole. Every track is very different on this release. ‘God Mod’ is rooted in gabber, with only minimal digitally distorted lyrics. ‘Undo’ involves elements of electro industrial trance and breakcore. ‘Pretty Lies’ has a very industrial hardcore feel, but also includes distorted electric guitar riffs that accompany the verses.

1 God Mod 5:40
2 Undo 6:54
3 Pretty Lies 5:53
4 Fear No More 5:08
5 When Machine Makes Man 8:37

Down Load Rise of the New Industrial EP