Red Ankh – Gray: The Gabber Mixes EP

SHM082: Red Ankh – The Gabber Mixes EP – Officially released in 2014, this is a gabber remix EP by Red Ankh. All tracks are remixes of Red Ankh songs from the Gray double album. The title is a serious-business sage nod to Fear Factory, as one of their early industrial metal albums was also remixed in to gabber on an EP called ‘The Gabber Mixes’. Dustrict, regularly a cross breed and industrial hard core project, veered more toward jungle on this one, having a sort of hard core build up in the middle.

1. Zarkerovense (K.H.D. Remix) 04:14
2. Tundrome (Shyft Remix) 05:12
3. New (1nsane Remix) 04:17
4. Ankh’s Terror (Imil Remix) 03:56
5. Tundrome (Dustrict Remix) 04:11
6. Storm (Shyft Remix) 04:55

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