Predaking – Hate, Anger & Hardcore EP

SHM066: Predaking – Hate, Anger & Hardcore EP – Officially released in 2012, this is a nu-style gabber EP by Predaking. The solo tracks and the remix of Gimme Your Slave are all two hundred plus beats per minute, with the collaboration with Demon’s Breath taking it down to one hundred fifty-five to utilize his ominous atmosphere. The release ends with a K.H.D. remix of Predaking’s Jump Tha Fuck Up.

1 Predaking – World of Shit 4:24
2 Predaking – Who Am I? (I’m Nobody) 6:23
3 Predaking – Piss The World Off 4:51
4 Predaking & Demon’s Breath – Eardrum Damage 4:49
5 K.H.D. & o.p.b. – Gimme Your Slave (Predaking Remix) 4:24
6 Predaking – Jump Tha Fuck Up (K.H.D. Remix) 6:23

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