}=<)) [Feind]

SHM005: Shyft – }=<)) – This is Shyft’s fifth full-length album tremendously expanded and reimagined in to a concept album exploring the character of Feind, one of the major antagonists of Shyft’s speculative fiction trilogy, Shyfted Dreaming. This aggressive and vengeful shadow of the protagonist follows in the foot steps of his predecessor, The Harpist, and as such is obsessed with the liberation of a suicidal negative utilitarianism, or the elimination of suffering via the extermination of existence.

The atmosphere here is that of rage and horror, reflecting Feind’s hyper-focused perspective on the endless reaches of human violence as well as the violence and darkness Feind adopts to cope with a cold, insane world. Lyrical content expresses Feind’s isolation and feelings of betrayal buried in hatred, pride, and spite masquerading as justice.

The character Feind was a product of the author’s own fear of and hatred toward the world at a young age, and writing the character as an antagonist was a way to face it. There is a wide variety of samples taken from non-music inspirations at the time, mostly psychological thrillers and horror movies of the late 1990s and early 2000s, functioning here as mirrors of Shyft’s own torment and securing the album in its history.

The original version was produced in 2003. In 2015 work began on this version and its companion album. Five years later, it’s finally ready for a real release.

The companion album, [Shyft], is similarly a concept album, but a rebuttal to Feind’s hatred.

1. Requiem for Orientation 10:09
2. I Fear No Thing 04:35
3. Intolerant 04:56
4. The Hollows of Mind 07:12
5. Lord’s Conversation 2020 02:14
6. Anger or Apathy 05:08
7. Industrial Gothic 04:29
8. Wiggimmortis 06:56
9. Weredraif 2020 02:15
10. Follow Me Gracefully 05:53
11. Anthem of Solitude 05:17
12. Shadow Dance 05:06
13. Kill or Be Killed 05:17
14. Rapture 02:20
15. Querdonifaust 09:25
16. Dischord (Risky Battle) 2020 04:50
17. Feind 06:38
18. Sym-Pathetic Insanity (Dance of the Mighty VizilV) 05:58
19. The Tyrant 08:16
20. Battle With Dahlejhehek 2020 04:38
21. Stray 07:28
22. God of Death 05:59
23. Jerrondurkell 09:34
24. The Wailing Call of the Anguish of Becoming 20:22

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