K.H.D. – Delusion

SHMW001: K.H.D. – Delusion – Melodious, harmonious, bright synths, catchy vox, and fewer overdriven kick drums than you might expect. In a way, Delusion takes one back to an earlier time, when electronic genre boundaries were looser. In an other way, the Shyft remix of Turn The Lever calls back specifically to eighties synth music, applying a synthwave approach to the tune. If you’re here for the big kick drums, the title track is what you’re after.

1 Turn The Lever 3:40
2 Staccato Brawl 3:20
3 Aufmerksamkeitsspanne 2:02
4 Turn The Lever (Shyft Remix) 4:46
4 Delusion 5:21
5 Turn The Lever (Instrumental) 4:14
6 Staccato Brawl (Instrumental) 3:40

Down Load Delusion