Shyft – Synthetic Experiments: Cing of Cogs

SHMH001: Shyft – Synthetic Experiments: Cing of Cogs – The calendar is irrelevant. It has been too many events for any creature of self-awareness to remember the origin of these sounds with any more sentiment than a simple in put to out put machine, yet they return as if they were made for these moments. The Imp King and his army of broken gods send their regards by means of bent metals, overdriven electronic impulses, and handcrafted elegance beyond the comprehension of modern manifestors. In deed, what is a tubular bell, a keyed organ of pipes, a music box, a harpsichord? Ah. But you remember. Don’t you? You remember these tools well. Once, together and with their friends, these tools could weave fine darkness in the pressure of air, and now they shall do so again. Through shadow and harmony and dissonance so shall the march against space-time take step, and soon- very soon- there shall be no thing left to remember, my friends!

1 Signal 03:11
2 Clockwork Cannibals 06:09
3 Cryptic Chaos Crafters 04:29
4 Ego_kentrikós 03:37
5 Carnivorous Choir 05:57
6 Crawling on the Kings of Dream 04:58
7 Nelepyy 01:41
8 Corroders of Cosmos 05:12
9 Red Ankh – Unhealthy Obedience (Ode to the Machine) 05:13
10 Melancholia Eternum 03:16
11 Crestfallen Killers 07:42
12 Creeping Corruption 09:29
13 Cog (Drudge for Organ) 01:57
14 Crowners of Cruelty 09:34
15 Red Ankh – The Second Loop (Made Zon for Music Box) 02:59

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