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Shyfted Dreaming Trilogy:

This is my baby; I regard it as my greatest accomplishment.  One thousand, nine hundred two pages of pure awesome (well, some of those pages might not be quite so exciting… like the table of contents-).  It laid the foundation for my fictional Universe, inspired a decent amount of my music, became a permanent home for all of the friends and horrors of my old dreams, and taught me a think or two about my self.  I call it ‘fantastical, psychological, character driven, action science fiction with traces of philosophy in an extensive, fully functional Universe.’  From the introduction to Shyfted Dreaming: Red Guise:

This is a story about a no body who asks too many questions, tries too hard, and would rather go back to dreaming than get out of bed. It starts that way, any way. This is- in a sense- a story that is about me. I believe that some parts are trivial facts. I believe that some parts are based on trivial facts.

The story was first roughly out lined to be a collection of dreams that I have had. The dreams were to be changed slightly for the story so that they could mix together as one over all plot. As more dreams were had and as I began to come up with character and event ideas that did not belong to my dreams the direction of the story changed. It changed from being a small experimental project to being the basis for every thing else that I will ever write, and in that sense it only makes sense to start with the self and expand outward.

Since what we perceive to be dreams are influenced by what we believe to be real life, many people from my life became inspiration for characters in the story. Some of them may feel exposed, if they read and draw the obvious connections, but I am just thankful to them because their personalities helped my story progress. There are no attempts to discredit- by many means these instances are attempts to subtly credit those personalities that aided in designing this plot.

This story was written as a complete stream of consciousness. Because of this, the narration will not always be accurate or clear. It is written in the way that I think and used to think, which is/was not always accurate or clear.

In a way, one could view Shyfted Dreaming like one of those autobiographies that are published and then much later discovered to be full of drastic distortions of the truth.  A lot of my real development as a person is tucked away in there.  I could go on and on about this story and how much I love it for ever, but by then any one reading this could have read all three of the books.  Unlike my music, it is not free and payment is not an option.  Lulu charges me, so I have to charge you.

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“O” – The manuscript for this is now finished!  The editing and publication should be finished by next summer (to be pessimistic), but I expect a release much sooner. It is a prequel to the Shyfted Dreaming trilogy, following the old gods “O” and Chijrihaden during their rise to power with The Harpist. In the beginning, “O” and Haden were powerless mortals living on a world where magic was common but not wide spread and only vaguely understood. The world was watched over by the god Almna Ultra Ahti, who divided the land by enormous ivory walls and appointed powerful soldiers to regulate their travel to keep people mostly segregated for peace keeping’s sake. When The Harpist, who began as a traveling magician, came to “O” and Haden’s childhood home town, he quickly befriended them and convinced them to defy the rules of the walls and travel with him in search of the edge of the world. They learn along the way that the law of the walls is not quite as simple as they had thought, nor are its enforcers or the world, its self. All of their old beliefs are shattered, they are hardened, and they discover their purpose.

Unlike Shyfted Dreaming, I use traditional third person narration for this work. At first it was really strange to be writing the cold, empty shells of the old gods as ignorant, emotional mortals, but I had a lot of fun writing in their back story- all of the little details that explain what shaped them. I had been jumping from story to story for a while after I had finished Shyfted Dreaming, and for a few months I went so far as to write a page or two in four different stories every day. I am glad to see this story finally see its end (and a little sad, too).